SugarFrance Cockers is the combination of two long time Cocker kennels and most of all, two long time friends...located in Yuba City, CALIFORNIA. The first being Desire Lebrene of Calfrance Cockers. He started his showing & breeding kennel in 1989 and has become a well known and recognized breeder of many fine champions throughout the years. Desire comes from Normandy, France, thus being the France part of our kennel name. His ability of putting pedigrees together is uncanny, and the results are always proved in the whelping box. His knowledge of Cocker phenotype is a rare specialty. The Sugar part of SugarFrance is handler and fellow breeder, Kris (Munoz) Lebrene of Sugarplum Cockers also having bred cockers for 20 years and foremost becoming an accomplished handler in the showring. Kris has escorted many cockers to the finish line over the years with many of them becoming top ranking. Kris is well known for her handling & grooming abilities of show cockers. That's also how Kris and Desire met. "Mikey" was purchased from Desire by Kris and then soon after that she became his handler and he was her client... our love for Cockers continue..........


Ch. Calfrance's Frequent Flyer

Mikey, the begining of a friendship that became a marriage that has become SugarFrance.

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